As well as being TU activists who like cake the EHCR also supports and donates to various organisations with a political and/or arts/workers history focus. Some are listed below with links to their websites.

If you are an organisation that would like support and be listed below please email our secretary Nadia Felgate   with details of your organisation etc. so that it can be considered at our next meeting for a donation (max £50) and to be listed below –

David Parr House 

David Parr worked by day as an artist painter for the local firm of F R Leach & Sons, artist decorators and craftsmen who created interiors for William Morris and other leading figures of the Arts and Crafts movement. He would return to his ordinary terraced house, and working by candlelight, he created an extraordinary interior for his own private enjoyment. This echoes the actions of Frank Owen, the main character in in Robert Tressel’s famous socialist classic “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist” which has inspired and influenced a multitude of trade unionists and labour activists for decades. Although extensive research has yet to be carried out we do know that David took strike action in 1919. The house has been endorsed by Dr Nicholas Mansfield, Former Director of the People’s History Museum in Manchester who said, “I know of nothing similar within UK heritage and having collaborated with many Europe social history museums of working class life, I would venture that David Parr House is of world-wide significance.”  More info can be found here